International Work Experience MBA

International Work Experience MBA

This is an All In One Program that brings together a distinctive blend of Learning through International Curriculum, Working with reputed companies in India and China, and Earning at the same time. This Program enables students to LEARN, WORK & EARN during their tenure in the program.

A well rounded, carefully crafted and absolutely unique exposure to domestic as well as international studies combined with work experience. Our unique features include:

  • Reciept of Masters Degree from Greenville University – Illinois (USA).
  • A Certificate from Shandong Yingcai University (China).
  • International Diploma by Podar Education.
  • Certification from IRR Advisory (A Fitch Ratings Group Company).
  • Internships in India as well as in China, the second largest Economy in the world.
  • While you are studying and working, we ensure that you are earning too.

This tri-faceted MBA Programme curriculum aims to transform students into successful leaders and entrepreneurs, for tomorrow who create value for their organization and communities.

Course Structure

Semester in India

  • Orientation Program – 4 Weeks in classroom.
  • Internship – 15 Weeks.
  • Greenville Online MBA Courses.

International Semester – Shandong Yingcai University (China)

  • Intensive Study Program – 9 Weeks.
    In this intensive study program the student will learn Chinese Language & Work culture.
  • Internship – 12 Weeks.
  • Greenville Online MBA Courses.

Semester in India

  • Orientation Program – 1 Week in classroom.
  • Internship – 15 Weeks.
  • Greenville Online MBA Courses.

Fundamentals of the International Work Experience MBA Program

• Students will be enrolled in the online Greenville University International MBA Program.
• On joining a 4 week Intensive Orientation would be imparted to students to groom them for the work place. IRR Advisory – A Fitch Ratings Group Company, brings in this special training curriculum written by world business leaders in the field and will be delivered by experienced faculty and industry experts.
• The training will include Case Studies, Portfolio Management, Accounting Concepts, Social Media Handling and Presentation Skills, etc.
• Students will be given hands on experience with reputable organizations in the fields of Marketing, Finance, HR or IT.
• A Semester abroad in China will provide an added advantage for students to get international work experience and also learn Chinese – the most widely spoken language in the world.

Program Info

Estimated Duration 16 -18 Months
Maximum Students Upto 35 students maximum


Investment : USD 25,000
  • One Time Payment Discount: USD 2,000*
  • Minimum Earning : USD 1,000
  • Net Investment : USD 22,000
        Investments includes