1) What all Certificate / Diploma /Degrees is as student Entitled to?

Ans. The student is entitled to 

  • A MBA Degree issued by Greenville University 
  • A Diploma issued by Podar Education.
  • A Certificate issued by Shadong Yingcai University. 
  • A Certificate by IRR Advisory – A Fitch Ratings Group Company.

2) Is the Program classroom based or online?

Ans. The Work Experience MBA Program is an 18 months program spread across 3 semesters. It involves a blend of classroom, on work and online education.

  • Sem 1 Orientation would be 4 weeks in classroom.
  • Sem 2 Intensive Study Program would in Shandong Yingcai University Campus.
  • Sem 3 Orientation would be in classroom
  • Greenville University courses would be online study.

3) Can I complete few semesters at the Greenville University? 

Ans. Yes, you can do 1 semester at Greenville University at additional cost.

4) Can I do the full program in India only? 

Ans. No. We feel having the International Exposure is Important for gaining desired knowledge and experience. 

5)  What if my China visa is rejected?

Ans. If your China visa is rejected or not granted we will do our best to provide the work experience in India. However no fees will be refunded.

6) How many students are proposed in a Batch?

Ans. Maximum number of students in a Batch is proposed to be 35.

7) Are there hostel facility available in Mumbai?

Ans. We do not have hostel facilities but happy to assist in finding accommodation.

8) What is Minimum Earnings of USD 1000?

Ans. Minimum Earnings are the earnings (stipend) that a student will earn during the Internships across 3 semesters.

9) Are there any credit / scores for the orientation program?

Ans. No, there is no credit or scores for the orientation program but Test would be conducted regularly and that would have weightage for your Diploma.

10) What would be the role during Internships?

Ans. The role during Internship would depend on the industry partners as per the requirement in the company.

11) Will I get a certificate for internship in India and China?

Ans. Yes, you will be awarded a Work Experience Certificate from the Industry partner or University or Podar Education.

12) Is there a placement guarantee?

Ans. No, there is no placement guarantee. We will provide 100% placement assistance. As you will have work experience of 42 weeks you would be more job able. It is most likely you will get pre-placement offers based on your performance during the Internship.

13) What are the job prospects after completion of the program?

Ans. As you will have a total of 42 weeks of experience (30 weeks in India & 12 weeks in China) you would be more job able.  There are chances of getting pre placement offers from the internship partner’s based on your performance during the internship.

14) From which bank / financial institution will I get a loan from?

Ans. We have tied up with Make My EMI who will process your loan application and if eligible provide the loan.

15) Would there be any International Placements?

Ans. There is a possibility of getting International Placements because of your International Work Experience and also preliminary education of Chinese language and culture.

16) Can the fees be paid in Semester wise?

Ans. No. You cannot pay the fees semester wise. The fees has to be paid in full. You may opt for EMI facilities available with make my EMI or provider we tie up with.

17) What are the selection criteria?

Ans. The selection criteria are based on the following:-

  • 10th , 12th & Graduation scores.
  • Performance in Personal Interview.

18) Will I get stipend during my internship in China?

Ans. Yes, you are entitle to stipend during your internship in China.

19) Would there be any transport facilities for students from hostel to company location during internship (Pick Up & Drop Facility) in China?

Ans. Yes we will provide pick up and drop facility or cover basic cost for same in China.

 20) What is the admission process?

Ans. The admission process is as under :- 

  • Fill and submit the online application form.
  • If shortlisted, appear for personal interview.
  • If selected, pay initial fees and reserve your seat.
  • Payment of the balance fees.

21) What if I am unable to complete the Online MBA program of Greenville University in 18 months?

Ans. Greenville University gives an option to complete the program in 24 months, subject to approval by Podar Education.

22) Is my air ticket and air insurance included in the fees of the China travel?

Ans. No. Air ticket and air insurance cost  of the China travel is to be paid by the student.

23) What all is included in the fees?

Ans. For fees inclusions please click on the below button.